Governor launches campaign against drug addiction


    Himachal Pradesh Governor Acharya Devvrat observed that prevalence of drugs, alcohol and narcotic substance is biggest challenge for the people as this menace and is not easy to curb in the society. Inaugurating a drive against drug addiction organized today, HP Governor Acharya Devvrat urged the media to participate and cooperate in campaigns against drug abuse so that the Himachal Pradesh state could become drug free State in a real sense.


    He said that the use of drugs was a major evil in the Society and everyone had a part to play in protecting the youth from dangerous substances. “It would reverse the gains of our strength acquired by our youth over the years” he said expressing concern over the increasing cases of drug abuse by the youth. He said that the youth which is the future of this Country could not be allowed to sway by this menace taking grip on young citizen and new generation.


    He observed that if the drugs, alcohol and substance abuse was not curbed in society, it would reverse the gains of our strength acquired by our youth over the years. He expressed concern over the rising cases of drug abuse in youth who share an important responsibility as future citizens of the country. He said that the use of intoxicating substances not only negatively impact the well-being of the individuals, but also distorts society and leads to other grave social evils such as crime, poor health, low success rates in education etc.  He said that the campaign against drug abuse and for healthy lifestyles should be at mass level and to dissuade irresponsible consumption of alcohol, drugs and substance abuse, we should call for intensification of sporting, arts and recreational activities.


    The Governor said that young generation could be saved from drug abuse if the responsive people actively participate in such campaigns. He said that as a non political person, he had always worked for the betterment of the society adding that in Gurukul, Kurukshetra he worked more than 32 years and dedicated himself to the future generation. Acharya Devvrat also detailed out figures of drug abuse in Punjab, Mizoram and Manipur states where it was an alarming situation. He cautioned that as a neighboring State, we should generate awareness about the ill effects of drugs and precautionary measures should be taken to save the future generation.

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