4 avalanches in Lahaul Spiti block Chandrabhaga river


    The winter seems to be more fierce this year in the snowbound Lahaul Spiti district as it had brought number of miseries to the people of Lahaul Spiti district who are living under constant threat as number of avalanches in the high snowline were looming after high to very high snowfall in the steep heights blocking the discharge of Chandrabhaga river at four different places.


    There are about 15 to 16 feet high blankets of snowfall on the high ranges of Lahaul Spiti triggering more than one dozen avalanches however it had caused very negligible loss to the property in the district however public properties like roads and water supply schemes were partly affected. People of Lahaul valley were living without power for last five days as the snow and avalanches damaged power lines to the snowbound district forcing  them to live in the freezing cold wave.  Most roads remained snowbound in the district during the winter however this time the very high snow mounted on its steep heights which is frequently triggering the avalanches to down streams.


    A local resident told that about 12 avalanches could become visible near the localities however baring some link and highways it did not cause tangible loss to the private property.Chandrabagha river which is tributary of Chenab reportedly blocked by four big avalanches along on its courses however the river which is partly into big ice land is out of danger to people who live in low lines. The snow and avalanche study establishment Manali was issuing the warning to people to stay away from the looming avalanches in the tribal district as there are very high threat to lives and properties.


    The District Administration Lahaul Spiti has kept its Police, Home Guards and fire fighters in alert position to mitigate the high danger in the district. So far the State General Administration which deploy a helicopter to evacuate the penitents, local and employees could  conduct four sorties and facilitated 183 people including nine patients and two children. No emergency helicopter flights could operate since last Saturday to the any tribal areas due to inclement weather in the district and frequent snowfall.


    People were trying to cope up with the high threat of avalanches in the district after clearing snow from their roof tops. Most of the water sources got freezed in the winter and water supply pipe logged forced people to drink and use melting snow to meet their water demands. However the district administration said that there is no shortage of food and other essentials as it had stocked the winter quota of good grains and other items before onset of winter and closing down of Rohtang Pass for vehicular traffic.

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