Congress cordons RBI office at Shimla


    On the Nationwide call of AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi to stage protest at RBI office against Demonetisation, Congress leaders hold a protest under the leadership of the State President Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu including senior Congress Ministers, Legislators, leaders and activists at Vikas nagar RBI regional office in Shimla today.


    The protest was joined by the Senior Minister Ms. Vidya Stokes, Social Justice & Empowerment minister Dr. Dhani Ram Shandil, former chief minister of Haryana, Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda and members of Assembly and other Congress workers. Demanding a white paper on the Demonetisation a memorandum was submitted to RBI Governor Mr. Urjit Patel through the RBI Manager.


    The Congress leaders alleged that in a Democratic Nation it could not snatch the right of withdrawal of Money from people after putting number of restrictions on them. Addressing the protest, Mr Sukhu said that RBI and Modi Government should answer all theses queries, why they put such restrictions curbing the democratic right of withdrawal on garb of black money and surgical strike. Affixing responsibility of this ill-conceived move party sought that RBI Governor should tender resignation as he was responsible for demonetisation mess & leading to economic anarchy in the Country.


    Mr. Sukhu said that autonomy of Indian financial regulator RBI was virtually freezed by the move and there was need of restoration of ‘RBIs autonomy’. Memorandum alleged that RBIs autonomy and statutory powers have been subjugated and compromised and responsibility lies at the doorsteps of RBI Guv for causing this erosion of credibility. The RBI Governor should tender resign taking responsibility for the demonetisation mess as also permitting Modi Government to encroach upon the jurisdiction rendering it as a mouthpiece of the government, party alleged.


    Highlighting the people vagaries during the demonetisation period HPCC leader said that an unwitting decision pushed 125 crore people of India into a web of humungous problems and difficulties was never witnessed in the history of this nation. `India’s wheel of development’ has come to a standstill as crores of people are lining up in front of banks and ATMs for last 70 days by giving up their day-to-day livelihood.`It alleged. Congress state unit alleged that process has turned out to be a surgical strike on Indians poor, farmers, labour, shopkeepers, small businesses, middle class and the entire unorganized sector.


    Party unit alleged that a captive RBI, has plunged the country into a state of economic anarchy, wiping out people’s earnings and creating a colossal sense of fear and insecurity. Party said that there is not a  single country in the world which forced the people to deposited their own money in their bank accounts and did not allowed to withdraw it latter. The RBI, Finance Ministry and other departments of Government have changed the rules and directives on demonetisation 138 times in 70 days. RBI alone has issued 78 notifications of rule change in 70 days, it argued.


    Congress leaders alleged that demonetization was brought with the purpose to misled the people from the burning issues as  central government  remained fail to sort out them after resuming to power. Party alleged that it was hitting the unbearably hitting the national economy as businessman, traders, industrialists and common man have to suffer due to this unprudent and ill-conceived move. Congress leaders said that now people want to know that how much Black Money was recovered during the this massive drive seeking whitepaper on the issue.


    Not only the economy but livelihood of people  became difficult as people were  forced to wait for long time to get back their cash required to run the small business, transactions and purchasing the essentials for their daily lives. He said that  people of the country want to know the outcome of trails and number of black money holders and amount black money seized from them.

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