Formation of icicles pose danger in Shimla town


    The formation of icicles are posing threat to the people in the freezing weather of Shimla and other places as thick piles of snow was still on the roof, trees, power posts and oozing rocks in the State. Long icicles could be seen hanging from the roofs, looming over head in the trees and power posts and power lines which may be fatal if they fall on the any person due to its sharp edges in the cold waves.


    Shimla town witnessed the unprecedented snowfall, recorded five more cases of snow injuries as more patients came with broken limbs and muscular stains in IGMC Hospital today increasing the number of injured to about 30 cases. The Senior Medical Superintendent Dr. Ramesh Chand told Himvani that five cases of snow injuries were registered in the hospital today however no cold death was reported so far. He said that all cases of snow injuries were nonfatal.


    Number of foot paths and roads are still highly slippery and skidding the vehicles and knocking down the commuters as snow and ice formation became extremely slippery with freezing temperature in the wee hours and night as Mercury was staying several degree down in the minus. The working condition in home and offices are also externally difficult during the day as power remained off during the day time for repair of damaged line keeping the people to brave in cold.

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