People suffering due to demonetization: Rahul Gandhi


AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his demonetization policy which he said was aimed at benefiting 50 big companies or families so as to assist them in getting their loan waived off which they had borrowed from the public sector banks and didn’t repay.


He said the sudden surgical strike to curb black money in name of demonetization and cashless economy was aimed to snatch the white money out of the pocket of 99 percent honest people of the country and get the same deposited in the banks for the longer period of time so that the loan amount of 50 families, which comprise one percent of the total population, could be compensated.


The reason Mr. Gandhi gave behind the motive of imposing ceiling on withdrawal of money from the banks and of the incompatible ATMs with the new currency was, that the longer the money of the common man was in banks the better time management could be done to benefit one percent, i.e. those 50 families and big industrial houses, who knew about the move much before.


He said that one percent of the people were having Black money and that too not all in cash. He said that 6 percent black money was in cash, 94  per cent invested in real estate, Gold and foreign bank accounts. Mr. Narendra Modi didn’t target 94 per cent those who had black money invested in Gold, real estate, but targeted just six percent who had black money, said Mr. Gandhi.


Terming the present Union Government as ‘Suit Boot Ki Sarkar’ the he said that 60 per cent of money was given in hands of one percent rich people who were close to the Prime Minster,  whereas  the agriculturalists, the small traders ,the housewives and ladies who had small savings were left helpless.


Terming Himachal Pradesh as Dev Bhumi, he congratulated the state government for completing four successful years in office.

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