Thousands of rare tree under blaze in three forests of Kinnaur district


    Thousands of rare trees of Chilgoza, Deodar and Pine were under blaze for last three weeks in Riba, Purvani and Pavari forests of 3 Gram Panchayats broke out on Nov 6 this month, a senior official of Forest Department confirmed. Forest conservator of Rampur forest Range Anil Thakur confirmed that fire have raged and brunt down massive Forest wealth as it could not be brought under control.


    The dry weather and storm intensified fire in snow desert where rare and threatened vegetation of Chilgoza,  Deodar,  Maru and pine is found. These forests spread in there gram panchayats and fire has gutted forest wealth of crores. The President of Purvani GP Mr. Sher Singh said that Forest guard visited the spot on Nov 7 however took the mishap lightly.


    Jawan of Indo Tibetan Borders police, fire, home guard and forest department along with local people tried to combat it but could not douse down it so far. Panchayat Vice President Mahesh said that the Department neglected the fire when it broke out it in Forest of Purvani which further spread to forests of Ashpa, Kibber and Riba gutting massive forest wealth in the district. The fire is now raging Purvani forest near district headquarter Reckong Peo but it requires ultra modern firefighting apparatus to control it.


    Two dozen jawans of ITBP, fire, forest and home guard were fighting the inferno for the last four days said Mr. Thakur. It is difficult to control forest fire in such massive area and dry weather further agrevate it, he added. Fire was taking the heavy toll of rare high altitude forest, dry grass and leaves carpet as it could not douse down. We are having report at State Police Headquarter that high altitude forests mostly the destination of Shepherds are under devastating fire which were spreading quickly without any control in remote areas.


    Report of sudden surging of flames and smoke is visible in forest of Purvani and Riba in tribal hills. Most of the hill and forest fire is unavoidable as pasture, dry leave carpets and forest pines further aggravate them in summer and chilling dry season. Due to the long dry spell grass, forest fires cause massive loss to the wild life and forest wealth beside leading to degradation of environment, top fertile soil  and soil erosion.

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