IGMC affiliates pvt testing lab show thumb to Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes


The Premier Health Institution in the State, Indira Gandhi Medical College Hospital (IGMC) was unable to transact the old currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 as its affiliated SRL refused to take the denomination forcing thousands of patients and their attendants to suffer without having cash for the treatments.


Talking to UNI, Senior Medical Officer of IGMC Dr. Ramesh Chand said that it could not press M/s SRL to take Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes as it was banned by Modi Government however it was causing problem to the people moreover Hospital could not force the private entity to transact in banned currency. ”I have number of similar complaints from the patients and Media queries regarding not accepting the Rs 500  notes however IGMC was administration was accepting it for its own services moreover SRL staff showed inability to accept such notes for which he could not press the issue as it is beyond his power.” Dr. Ramesh Chand said.


SRL Lab was attached by the Congress government with IGMC three years ago which provide all clinical tests to patients in the College and Hospital on the government approved rates. Thousands patients and their attendants were suffering as SLR and other medicine shops in IGMC are not accepting banned notes of 500 and 1000 rupees, putting patients and their attendants in huge trouble. Mr. Vikram Singh told UNI that he went to buy the drugs from IGMC medical outlets but his Rs 500 notes were not accepted forcing him to borrow small currency notes from the relative. Mr. Singh said that his mother who is hospitalized at IGMC after a car accident were forced to bear the burnt of banning of currency.


Kuldeep Singh an attendant of another patient from Bilaspur in the emergency wards said, “when I went to the SRL Lab for the sample test I felt astonished by the staff there when the rejected the old currency note of 500 rupees.” He said “the staff was giving the excuse that they are following the orders of their seniors.” Moreover they said that SRL Lab is a private body and they are bound to follows the orders of accepting old currency notes.


SRL Lab is functioning in the blood bank building of the hospital. Blatant violation of the government orders are happening just few meters away from the office of the IGMC Medical Superintendent Dr. Ramesh and Principal IGMC. Long queues were extending daily to have small currency notes outside the bank and ATMs and exhange the banned denomination in the capital town forcing us to move from post to pillar Mr. Singh ruled.

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