Central Government old property gutted in devastating fire at MI Room Summerhill


    Old property belonging to the Central Public Works Department at Summerhill gutted in devastating fire broke out early this morning as it was allotted to Army Training Command the wooden structure reduced to ash as fire tenders could not doused down the flames but it saved other houses in line of fire.


    Sources said that fire broke out at 0400 hrs this morning in old two story building at CPWD block No. 3 reduced to ashes within a short while despite four fire tenders pressed to douse down and succeeded to save the fire from spread in other nearby building. The fire caused the loss of property tune of Rs 50,000. The  building was used by the ARTAC to story old and worn out furniture also gutted in the fire. The cause of fire could not ascertained. No loss of life has been reported in fire.

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