Mothers exchange swapped babies


Two mothers who were victims of swapping of Babies in Kamala Nehru Hospital five months ago today exchanged their babies with heavy heart and sobbing high emotional charged  ceremony held at Khalini, outskirt of Shimla town. The parting of their babies brings down tears in the eyes of Mrs. Anjana Thakur and Mrs. Sheetal, who became mothers on May 26 this year. For the past five months, they spent many sleepless nights to feed the babies and today exchanged them with heavy heart and crying for two babies alike.


As both parents were confident of swapping after having DNA report confirming that they are not the biological mothers of the babies remained under their intense and emotional care for five months. Following Religious ceremony they took the possession of their own babies today. Both were sad on parting with the baby, whom they treated as their own. Facing the media queries on this event both mothers could not control their tears and blamed the Hospital staff for their agony which both faced.


Mr. Anjana Thakur who had exchanged boy baby said that she want to have baby in the hospital however this happiness would be more intense if they would have got her daughter in the hospital. She said that she was confident soon after having baby as doctor told her that she had boy. If It would have been occurred the hospital that of today I would be felt myself lucky and full of joy to have a girl.


Sheetal who is staff nurse at IGMC said that being the staff member of a hospital it makes her uncomfortable to even think of what happen with her and his boy baby. She said that hospital staff of KNH respond rudely when she compliant before it soon after having confirmation of swapping of baby. I urged hospital staff that baby girl she was having was not her as she conducted DNA test in a private lab at Chandigarh. I got my baby after five months as the Hospital staff keep denying the swapping complaint.


She said in the past five months, she had undergone immense pain over the separation from her son, but now she would have to bear the pain of separating with her ‘daughter’ too. She said her love for the baby girl would remain for rest of her life. Biological father of girl baby Mr. Jitender Thakur said that he want strict action against the KNH staff who forced them to see this day and keeping away from their original baby.


Earlier two couple decided to to sort out the issue out of  courtroom on last Friday. Both mothers were cursing the staff of Kamla Nehru Hospital here, where the babies were swapped at the labour room, immediately after the deliveries. The aggrieved parents are demanding strict action against the hospital staff for this major goof -up. In the religious ceremony performed today at the house of Sheetal Anjana and Jitender Thakur came with the boy baby and exchange it to baby girl, and after completion of the ceremony, in high charged milieu.

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