HPU gets Rs. 25 lakh UGC grant


Himachal Pradesh University which was recently visited by the NAAC team today got Rs. 25 lakh UGC Grant to strengthen International study centre in the campus. The Spokesman of the University said in a statement today that the UGC Centre for Australian and New Zealand Studies at Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla established in 2007 has been working consistently organizing Seminars/Conferences, Workshops and Lectures.


The review of the progress of the Centre UGC has extended the Centre till 2019 and has also released an additional grant of Rs. 25 lakhs for the functioning of the Centre. The Director of the Centre Prof. Neelima Kanwar informed this today. She further disclosed that the Academics and writers from Australia and India like Prof. Richard Nile, Ms. Kirsty Murray, Dr. Ken Harper, Prof. Y. Yagama Reddy, Dr. Sylvie Haisman, Ms. Virginia have been visiting for interactive sessions.


The Centre seeks to initiate and enhance understanding of vibrant diversities of Contemporary Australia and New Zealand. It has created a multi-disciplinary resource centre on Australia and New Zealand to provide information to students, researchers and teachers alike so as to build educational links and let bilateral relations with these countries grow.

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