Lahaul Spiti hills to soon gets round the year connectivity like Alps hills of Europe: CM


Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh who was on two days visits to tribal district of Lahaul Spiti on Thursday and Friday said that the State Government would ensure round the year road connectivity to far flung and remote districts with commissioning of Rohtang Tunnel on the analogy of Alps hills of Europe bringing the tribal people under mainstream of life who remain cut off for most of months during the Winter season with snapping of road communication after snowfall in the high passes.


Before returning to Shimla addressing a public meeting at Sisoo, Mr. Singh said that Lahaul Spiti hills are similar to Alps hills of Europe which once remained cut off from rest of the world during heavy snowfall on the hills however with coming up with number of tunnels people of Alps hills are connected with mainstreams round the years like other parts of Europe.


Like the Alps, the State Government would dig out number of tunnels in its tribal district so that people did not remain cut off for more than five months during the snowfall on Rohtang, Kunzum and Baralacha passes in the winter season. People of Lahaul Spiti who are still not getting round the year road connectivity would soon be brought to mainstreams with commissioning of Rohtang Tunnel which will link tourist resort Manali at South portal with Sisoo at North portal in Lahaul Spiti district.


“It is a major challenge to the tribal people who would be exposed to the rest of the world soon after commissioning of this tunnel as they should not imitate the culture and way of life of the outsiders blindly. You should protect yours tradition, value system and culture which maybe ruined with sudden exposure. ” the Chief Minister suggested.


People should continue to grow the off-seasonal vegetables and fruit as it is the back bone of their economy moreover with road connectivity this economic resources would improve their living conditions and bring prosperity He said, assuring the tribal people to give drinking water schemes readily. Mr. Singh also laid the foundation stone of Mugling bridge to be coming up with the estimated cost of Rs 1.90 Cr on the snow charged Bhaga River.

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