Mountain bike ride at Jalori pass on 3rd day



Only 54 riders were able to make it to the final finish point on Stage 3, the Conquest of 12th Hero MTB Himalaya at Gar as the riders mounted 10800 ft high Jalori pass, which was the highest point of the race. It is considered as one of the most difficult trail by riders as Jalori lived up to its reputation. Most of the riders had a hard time reaching Jalori as it tested the fitness and motivation of riders.


Andi Seewald, who was riding like there was no tomorrow, continued with his lead in Open Men Solo category. Inspite of maintaining the lead throughout the race, Andi was able to claim the stage leader podium for himself only by a minute difference from Cory. Cory Wallace, who ended on position 4 because of a flat tyre yesterday, climbed up to position 2 on day 3 following Andi. Jason English continued riding at his top speed following Andi and Cory since the start point. He finished third in the race.


Total distance of 76.5 kilometres and maximum elevation of 3100 m helped riders in testing their limits and pushing their extremes. Andreas Hartmann and Manuel Weissenbacher were placed on position 4 and 6 respectively, maintaining their lead in Team of Two category. Catherine Williamson finished the race at position 9, staying on the top in Open Women Solo category. Catherine was the only female rider to find a place for herself in top 10 at the end of the day. Devender Thakur was the only Indian who was able to get a place in top 10 by the end of day 3, followed by Shiven at 11th position.

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