HP to rationalize norms to culling monkeys in the State


The Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Virbhadra Singh today said that the State government would reconsider the rule and norms declared by the State forest and wildlife department to culling Monkeys in 38 sub divisions of Himachal Pradesh terming them as impractical and irrational.


Interacting to the media persons today, Chief Minister said that it would be difficult for the people or shooters to culling Monkeys as they would not be able to distinguish Monkeys whether they are pregnant or not. This hitch was posing problem to people while shooting them in their fields. The State would reconsider the move as the norms issued by the Government is not practical. Mr. Singh said that it would be made rational so that people could save their crops from monkey menace.


It is worthwhile to mention here that Union Ministry of Environment and Forest declared the Monkey vermin in 38 sub division of the state on the request of the State government and Municipal Corporation Shimla. Frame the rules to culling monkeys in the State, the forest department declared that no one would be allowed to kill the old, new born, Lactating and pregnant female monkeys.


The Department has also announced the promotional and initiative amount of Rs.300 per Monkey to kill a Monkey causing damage to the the crops in 38 sub divisions declared vermin by the center. However the claimants must have disposed of the last remains of monkey according to the wild life manual informing beat forest guard about the culling.


The people were not showing any response to the Government drive and relaxation to this awards following the unpractical conditions. Shimla town is also among the 30 divisions which is declared monkey infested and vermin. Seven MC awards including Jakhu, Benmore, Mall Road are mover prevalent to the Monkey menace. More than 850 people were bitten by the wild animal mostly Monkeys and stray dogs in the State, as most of victims are children and women.

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