Erratic power supply in Shimla owing to inconsistent discharge from Giri lifting scheme


The CPI(M) ruled Shimla Municipal Corporation attributed inconsistent discharge of water from Giri water lifting scheme causing erratic supply of drinking water in peak Monsoon season forcing MC to continue the partly rationing for long time. A press statement issued by the MC Deputy Mayor Mr. Tekinder Singh Panwer said that a high level meeting with the officials of the water supply was held in Mayors office today.


Both the Mayor and the deputy Mayor reviewed the ongoing persistent water crisis in the city. The officials appraised the erratic water supply from Giri Water scheme which is the main cause of the present crisis. He said that principal reason happens to be massive leakage or worn out pipes which do not lift water as is pumped from the source.


The Giri water scheme which is installed with the capacity of providing 20 MLD of water is presently lifting just 4 to 5 MLD. Though two separate lines of 1000 m distance each  is being laid to augment supply of water. The astonishing feature happens to be that the ‘Giri’ supply scheme which has not even been formally inaugurated is on the verge of collapse. He said that MC had already spent more than Rs 1 crore to improve the lines. Both the Mayor and the deputy Mayor along with officials would visit the site of Giri repair work tomorrow.


Meanwhile, the officials have been directed to ensure that adequate water supply is provided on alternate days and within a period the supply must be made daily. The meeting was attended by Prashant Sirckek  (Assistant Commissioner), Jitender Garg (ME), Adarsh Bhotta, Vinod Negi (SDOs), Ishwar, Jamwal, Gopesh Behl, Dinesh (All JEs) and Dinesh Kumar (supervisor).

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