Vehicles stranded on old Hindustan Tibet Road


    Old Hindustan Tibet Road or National Highway-5 was blocked near Nigulsari in Kinnaur district snapping apart the road communication with the tribal district from rest of the country this afternoon as large number of tourists and local vehicles are stranded on the road.

    Reports coming said that a truck struck in a slushy road at the narrow passage blocking it for other vehicles. The highway having 250 meter long passage had been washed down last years which was restored recently but now it often becomes slushy. The slippery road also becomes dangerous for the movement of light vehicles.

    Junior Engineer Mr. Mohan Maheta said adding that JCB Machine has been deployed to clear the Truck from the road however it would take time. He said that road likely to be open till next morning. The local apple growers who have to transport their loaded truck from this road are in shock as slushy road may hamper the vehicular traffic during the apple transportation. In Kinnuar district apple season begins in the month of September.

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