Cloudbursts damage apple orchards in Pandra-bish area


Insistent rainfall and cloudburst in the high reaches of Pash village of Pandra-Bish area damaged standing crop of fruits, pulses, vegetables and apple orchards this morning. The report arriving said that the people of affected area were living in danger as frequent cloud bursts and heavy rainfall in the areas created panic among them.

Pash village of Pancha gram panchayat of Shimla district recorded cloudbursts this morning. It was second time in last few days when inclement weather rendered heavy loss and looming damage to the standing apple crop, potato, peas and Rajmah etc in the area.

Number of orchards and trees of apple were washed down by the flash flood after the cloud bursts hit the area. Cloud bursts caused the landslides in three places as two cowsheds and houses have been damaged. Report said that more flash flood in the area also entered inside class room of a school causing problem to students. People in the nearby villages are also living in the panic.

The Block Samiti member of Panchayat, Mr. Subash Negi said that people are in the panic and came out from their homes when cloudburst took place. They were frequently rushing out of their homes in the mid of rain furry.

Villager Chunna Mehta said that ravines formed with the soil erosion in the village and ripened crops washed down in the flash flood. He said that with the frequent loss by the flash flood they render massive loss and their livelihoods are also in danger. School teacher Salochna said that school building is damaged with more flash flood and rest of class room were filled with the rain muck in the mishap.

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