Samples of 387 kg rotten smuggled chicken fail


The samples of 387 kg rotten and alleged smuggled chicken failed as it was seized by a team of Municipal Corporation Officials on July 20.The Shimla MC said that he would soon take legal opinion to take further action on matter.

The team of Shimla MC comprising Deputy Mayor raided a shop in Subzi Mandi Shimla on July 13 and confiscated over 387 Kilos of chicken from Goel Chicken Shop which was illegally smuggled in the city.

The Deputy Mayor of Shimla MC said that the chicken was found stale and infested by E. coli and even had fungal presence. A sample of the aforesaid chicken had been sent to test in the veterinary lab and the rest of the chicken has been destroyed.

The Commissioner said that it would follow legal action after having samples report today. In early morning haul the Shimla MC seized alleged consignment on input of complaints that a van of chicken ferry with smuggled meat went to Sabji mandi ground.

The SMC have a modern abattoir which works under the supervision of able vets. However the smuggled chicken was bought cheap and the chances of the same to be infected is confirmed in sample report, official said. To avoid this, the SMC does not allow open slaughtering of birds. The SMC was now keeping strict vigil as the other offenders who play havoc with people’s lives are being dealt strictly.

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