HP CITU general secretary and two others rushed to IGMC


The Himachal Pradesh CITU General Secretary Dr. Kashmir Singh Thakur and two others were rushed to IGMC today including CITU vice President and five others were sitting on fast on to death before the state secretariat for the last six days.

As the Medical team conducted check-up of five people, the condition of three were reported as critical who had been rushed to IGMC to conduct clinical tests, the police sources said.

Dr. Kashimr Singh, Surya Prakesh Negi and Dev Krishan Negi were rushed in a police van to IGMC who were seating along fast on to death before the state secretariat protesting against 450 Mega Watt Shung Tong Power project managements, District Administration, Kinnaur and the State Government to support the demands of project workers who were on strike for the last 113 days.

Five people were on the fast unto death before the state secretariat alleging that despite the High Court order, the Kinnaur district administration did not convened meeting to resolve the issue with the construction company since ten days after the order was passed.

On Jun 28, the Himachal Pradesh High Court ordered the Deputy Commissioner Mr. Naresh Lath to be mediator in the talk to resolve the dispute as the employees were not getting salary in HPPCL outsourced power project.

Mr. Singha alleged that the State Government is insensitive towards the sheer violation of labour norms by the project company directed by the High court to call the consultation with the protesting employees.

The Shung Tong power project workers are on indefinite strike from Feb this year alleging that they were not given three month salary and contractors were violating the rights of the workers. The Kinnaur district administration facilitating the power project to continue the work on the site baring the workers to go on strike after imposing of section 144 on seven construction sites in the State. Section 144 of IPC had been clamped on all the protesting seven sites from Shung Tongto Karcham Wangto and 36 FIR has been registered against the workers and 276 arrests have been made.

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