Farmers for income commission to end the agrarian crisis


The farmers union across the nation demanded constitution of income commission to end the agrarian crisis forcing farmers to commit suicide due to failure of crops and mounting of farm debts.

On concluding day of the three day Farmer Unity Convention (Kissan Aikta Adhivashan) near tourist resort Kragnano today the organizer of event and Agriculture Expert Mr. Devinder Sharma said in a press conference that in the Punjab which is one of the most prosper state of the country have less than Rs. 3000 per hectare income in agriculture however junior most government employees were drawing Rs. 20,000 salary per month.

He said that all big and small farmers unions and fronts were brought under one umbrella to make common minimum program to end the agrarian crisis as about three lakh 20 thousands farmers have been lost their lives in failure of crops and farm debts. Farmers should ensure the minimum per month income from the agriculture. During the deliberation on the convention five resolutions were passed which include constitution of farmer income commission.

He said that farmer unions demanded a one-time loan waiver for all crop loans. Tax and loan worth Rs. 48 lakh Crore have been waived to the cooperates by the Government in last 1 year however farmers want to have only 10 lakh Cr. loan waver .

To improve the production and income of farmers they also resolved to press the Government to implement recommendation of Sawaminathan Committee as report that was made public about nine years ago were beating the dusts.

Farmers demanding to fixed the prices of crops on formula of cost of production plus 50 per cent benefits. Three Kissan Aikta Adhivashan have been held in the country and farmers would also organize another convention soon to discuss on the agrarian crisis in the depth.

Farmers charged the successive Government in the State and Center use peasantry and its crisis as raw material for vote and land banks as they have been emotionally cheated and plundered after evicting them from their source of livelihood.

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