Farmers should get Economic Azadi and food security: Devinder Sharma


The agriculture expert Mr. Devinder Sharma today advocated the need to give Economic Freedom to the agrarian distress peasantry and provisions of food security to the farmers and their toiling families.

Addressing the beginning of the 3-day Kissan Aikata Adhivashan (Farmer Unity convention) at Kragnano near tourist resort Mashobra today Mr. Sharma said that food producing farmers are not economically independent and the mantra for ending the agrarian distress in the county is the Economic Azadi.

He said that farmers are committing suicide as cost of their produce is being decided by the market forces which is un-remunerative and the farmers who produce the food for the entire nation are in the trap as they are not able to feed themselves and their families. Mr. Sharma said that the farmers should get Economic Azadi in the nation to save the primary producers who were ending their lives in the distress.

The host of the Event and President of Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Association Mr. Harish Chauhan said that farmers were not getting cost of crop production in the market and Governments were fixing the Minimum Sports price much below to the actual cost of production.

Mr. Chauhan said that the State Government considers the fact that cost of one kilo gram of Apple comes to Rs. 9.50 however it had fixed MSP by Rs. 6.25 per kg which was not increased despite the demand of farmers association. He said that apple crop production comes to Rs. 20 per kg however, farmers were being virtually in neglect. He said that the day is no far when state farmers have to follow the suicide trail as the Center Government opened the flood gate of foreign apple after reducing import duty.

During the convention of about 70 farmers associations would demand to fix MSP on the formula of cost of production plus 50 per cent benefit so that farmers monthly income may come near to Rs. 20 thousand per month like salaried class.

He said that a number of farmers in Himachal Pradesh are switching over to flower production however they were not getting proper prices of their produces as there is no independent market yard in the country.

Mr. Dharm Pal Jat president of Rajasthan based Kissan Mahapanchayat said that centre allowed the liquor king and Indian businessman Vijaya Mallya to flee from the country after landing thousands of Crores from the Banks however farmers for sake of few debt trap of few thousands were committing suicide.

Kissan Mittar Sangh from Rajasthan alleged that State of Himachal Pradesh were supplying irrigation water to drought affected farmers but state of Punjab were not releasing the sufficient water required for the production of corps for the livelihood causing massive migration from the state.

The convention would last for three days to deliberate on the various issues to make a united front of farmers to raise the issues before the state and centre government for speed disposal.

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