HP Government suspends 30 HRTC agitating employees leader enact ESMA


    The Himachal Pradesh Government today suspended thirty agitating employees of the Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) alleging that they defied the Himachal Pradesh High Court order declaring the two days strike illegal and enacting Essential Service Maintenance Act unilaterally baring 10,000 employees to not go on the strike again.

    Mr. Virbhadra Singh government which was heading to face Assembly Election next year decided to take HRTC staff head on after securing protection from the court which has not only declared the strike as illegal but also initiated the contempt proceeding against the five union leaders who went on strike on Jun 14 completely crippling the entire public transport in the State.

    Mr. Singh decided to work tough on the agitating employees as 30 employees who lead the protest and waived off the High court Order suspend today. The government tightening the noose of protesting employees to go on the strike again as it had decided to invoke ES MA forthwith the announcement.

    Transport Minister Mr. G.S. Bali who was interacting media person today informed about the decision taken the government aftermath of unsuccessfully strike which crippled services for one day however it was in the mid as high court declared the strike illegal and slapped contempt proceeding on behalf of state government.

    Trade Union had history of sacrifices and such suspension proceeding on the behalf of the government is mere eyewash to gain the lost image in the public for sake of the upcoming assembly election we hardly bother about move to crush the popular movements against the interests of employees who were protesting for their legitimate demands. A member of Joint action committee told UNI on the condition of unanimity.

    He further said that employees know the actual truth behind the court case and now autocratic move by the Mr. Singh government to crush them. The Petition was filed on the behalf of state government and transport minster as the private trust went in the court against the strike is nothing to do with public interests however in the name of people organization proxy petition was moved to scuttle the strike.

    Employees would expose the government in public revealing the truth as protesting employees have democratic rights to observe strike however situation like emergency has been created to defame the employees in the eyes of people. People who filed the petition in the court did more damage in the name of public services, he added.

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