1500 Megawatt Nathpa Jhakri to open floodgate to release water


The SJVNL decided to open spillway of 1500 Megawatt Nathpa Jhakri Dam issuing warning to the people living on the bank of Satluj River and others to not venture near the water discharge.

Sub Division Officer Mr. Nishant Thakur told that alerts have been sounded to keep the safety of the people living along river bank as a precautionary measure.

Dam spillway likely to open in wake of the rising of water level and thawing of snow in high reaches beside rainfall in the State.

It is a routine exercise to sound alerts to make people aware in the down streams as the State revenue manual made it mandatory to all the power project to issue such warning day or two before opening up the flood gate of dams in the state as in 2014 as many as 25 student of Hyderabad based Engineering College had been washed down and killed without issuing such warning by Largi Power house in Kullu district.

Before the onset of monsoon, repair of turbine shafts or clearing out the silt from the power project similar water got released annual, official said.

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