Protesting jewellers charge Modi Government of breaking their unity



    The Jewellers Association Shimla have decided to continue their protest against imposing of one percent excise duty and the new regime of Tax Collection on Sources by Narendra Modi Government in the centre accusing the latter of breaking their unity.

    Addressing the media persons, Secretary of Jewellers Association Shimla Mr. Atul Tangri said that now all the protesting Jewellers have decided to go on indefinite Band from today in an attempt to break their unity and failing withdrawl of the Excise duty imposed on the jewellery items during General Budget by finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley.

    Mr. Atul Tangri said that we are not opposed to taxation on their items but mechanism imposed on them would increased the extortion and promote inspector Raj in their bullion business which would not only affect their sale but also affect the livelihood of artisan engaged.

    “With enforcement of central excise on their product it would give away the power of seizure, arrest and closing down of their enterprises as inspectors would get arbitrary powers against the interest of business”  Mr. Suffal Sood renown jewelers of this town lamented.

    Proprietors of Mahashya Jewellers Mr. Kapil Mahshya warned the Centre Government that they should not be forced to attack like Jats as they have Patience.

    Jewellers alleged that their democratic rights to move in the court against any unlawful seizure would be infringed as the new regime of central taxation would give draconian power to the inspectors to close down their enterprise, make seizures and arrest the jewellers.

    About 2 crore people in the country will be affected from the decisions. Besides it would burden them to have copy of PAN card from the consumers.

    There are only 17 crore PAN card holders in the country however jewellers would not be able to sell the ornaments to those who do not have PAN card is impractical step by the Centre.

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