Assault on doctors in Hospital a bail able offense: HMOA condemns Virbhadra Singh rule


The Himachal Pradesh Medical Officer Association (HMOA) today condemned Virbhadra Singh’s rule in Himachal Pradesh for not assuring the security to the doctors during their duty in the hospital as the State Government rejected their demand to declare such offense as a non-bail able crime.

Addressing the media persons today, President of HMOA Mr. Sant Lal Sharma said that Chief Minister had assured them while conceding their demands after the strike that any assault on the doctors during their duty in the hospital to be declared non-bail able offense.

“In reply to its memorandum on this issue the State Government showed its inability to bring this offense in the category of non-bail able crime.” Mr. Sant Lal said.

It seems that the State Government has taken a u-turn on HMOA’s demand and shaken their faith on State Government as they had been promised to provide good security in the hospitals and bring any such assault on the doctor as a non-bail able offense.” Mr. Lal added.

The letter given to the doctors by State Government said that its law department has given its advice that any assault on the doctors by the attendants, caretakers, relative and others could not be made as a non-bail able and it should be bail able offense under the prevailing crime laws.

During the last Monsoon Session, HMOA had gone on strike after a similar assault on the doctors at Kullu Hospital and IGMC during their duty. However Chief Minister had convinced the doctors to withdraw their strike and join the duty however, it virtually did not implement the assurance.

Mr. Lal said that HMOA had convened a meeting today to decide the next recourse as doctors are not satisfied with half hearted assurance given to them by the State Government.

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