Student hospitalised after a wild boar hit him


A Student was suddenly hit by a wild boar last evening when he was on a house slab in Jamol village of shimla district, a senior hospital official confirmed.

Senior Medical Officer of IGMC Mr. Ramesh Chand said a patient was admitted having boar bites and fracture in one limb last night. The condition of patients was reported critical.

Dinesh who is an IIT student was sitting on house slab, when a wild boar hit him all of a sudden and injured himand. He was rushed to IGMC where he is being given the treatment.

The entire locality around the wild boar infested areas is in panic after this incident. The village falls near Ghanati in the outskirts of Shimla town. The villagers complained that they had reported about wild animal menace several times to wildlife authority but its officials never paid heed to their problem.

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