A three-month-old Leopard cub caged by wildlife officials


A three-month-old Leopard cub was caged by the wildlife authority as it was trapped in the garage of an inhabitant at Navbihar in the outskirts of Shimla town this morning.

Chief Conservators Forest and Wildlife Shimla Mr.P.L. Sharma who himself was on the spot said that the three-month-old cub appeared in the garage of Dr.Patiyal as it was found lying under a car.

A team of wildlife official letter tranquilized the cub and caged it successfully. The animal entered in the locality from the nearby jungle while hunting the dogs but it strayed from the mother leopard. Later the wild cat was carried to Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre Totukandi located in the outskirts of Shimla.

The officials said that leopards were entering inside the town with squeezing forest belt in the town. Retired Professor of Botany Dr. Subash Gupta said that wild cat suddenly trapped inside the garage where it kept shying away from the people.

People tried to quell it from the place but it did not come out, latter the residents took the assistance of wild life authority to evacuate it.

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