Jaundice epidemic in Shimla: STP contractor on 4 days police remand


A Local court in Shimla today ordered 4 days of police remand to the Sewerage Treatment Plant contractor Akshaya Dogar as the police nabbed him near Himachal Pradesh High court yesterday evading arrest for the last two weeks.

Superintendent of Police Shimla Mr.D.W. Negi said that contractor will be behind the bars for 4 days police remand.

On the other hand, the police today nabbed another Assistant Engineer officer of Irrigation and Public Health Department increasing the number of persons arrested from 2 to 4.

Meanwhile leftist trade union CITU has revealed that under Mr.Virbhadra Singh Government in State, Capital town allowed the contractors to flout labour laws as the contractor of STP fiercely exploited workers.

In a statement issued in media today district party CITU General Secretary Mr. Jagat Ram said that life of people were engendered not due to negligence of IPH or contractors but officials of the Health Department, Pollution Control Board and Labour Department allowed to menace as violation has been done at every end under the nose of State Government .

CITU now linked the STP contract issue with worker union and violation of labour laws for which not only government contractors who had been brought to book could not be held guilty alone, Mr. Ram alleged.

Curiously the police did not frame charges under section 304 A against the contractor and it was removed due to the pressure of contractor who reportedly influenced the prosecution.

The umber of jaundice is pilling in the town to more than 1500 cases. CITU said that police were moving after small fishes while leaving free the officers of high ranks and senior officials and high placed politicians without whom this kaleidoscopic scam could not be possible.

Thousands of panic-stricken people of this town are looking forward to the Police however, no respite came to them from the epidemic.

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