Shimla MC keenly watching Delhi even-odd scheme


    Shimla Municipal Corporation toiling with frequent traffic congestions and snail-paced movement of vehicles in the internal roads is now keenly watching the progress of Delhi even odd vehicular traffic scheme unveiled by Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arivind Kejriwal recently.

    Deputy Mayor of Shimla Mr. Tikender S.Panwar said that efforts made by AAP leader in Delhi is worth emulating as Shimla MC is also keenly watching the development and could roll it out if its results remained successful.

    In the capital town employees are already pooling cars in the outskirts as it is both economical to them and reducing the traffic. There are about 60,000 registered vehicles in the town. The town mobility plan prepared in 2013 shows that only 9 percent of people use the cars in the town to travel daily however 47 percent use the public mode of transportation and rests are pedestrians.

    The traffic congestion is prevalent problems before the Shimla MC. They have been proposed Battery operated Golf cart scheme, it was turned down by the state government and is now under court scrutiny challenged by Mayor and Deputy Mayor in High Court.

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