Anand Sharma and Motilal Vohra absolved from Dhumal’s defamation suit


Facing libel charges filed by former Chief Minister Mr. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Former Union Minister Mr. Anand Sharma and senior Congress leader Mr. Motilal Vohra, were today exonerated from the charge by local court here in an important development.

Mr. Kuldeep Rathore former Congress spokesman said that duo was absolved from the charges today while pronouncing judgment in their favour.

The two appeared in the court last month on Nov 9, 2015 and had filled separate collateral bail bond in a local court. They were allegedly sued by Mr. Dhumal for making statements in the public against him in 2002 charging for amassing wealth by corrupt means.

In this case, former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh who was also charged along with Mr. Vohra was already allowed by the court to be free from this after apologizing from the petitioners as per copy of agreement signed in 2013.

The matter is pertaining to 13 years old case when Anand Sharma and Motilal Vohra and Captain Amarinder Singh allegedly gave defamatory statements during 2002 assembly election.

The trio charged Mr.Dhumal for amassing assets worth millions after accusing him of indulging in corruption. Capt Amarinder Singh and Motilal Vohra were charged that in February 2002, they made these allegation against Mr. Dhumal while addressing a rally in Hamirpur and Mr. Sharma for alleged press conference in Solan district at Barog.

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