NGO claims Pakistani woman




Lodged in a women destitute home in the outskirts of this capital town at Mashobra an NGO has claimed that a woman here is calling herself Mohammada from Pakistan, though the government record tells her as ‘Mamta’

“I met a women in destitute home few days ago, who according to the records of destitute women shelter home, Mashobra, is Mamta while she herself told her name is Mohammada” says Ajai Shrivastva, a Shimla based social activist.

But when asked by the other visitors including media men she answered in broken unorganized thoughts that her name is Mohammada but was really not in a position to tell about her antecedents.

Where as the government records have said that police brought her to the shelter home from Dharampur on the orders of an executive magistrate. The government officials have said that she is from Gujarat but she says she is from district Gujarat from Pakistan. In the records of the shelter home, her name has been entered as “Mamta alias Mahammada, wife of Rajaah, Mohalla Noorana, Gujarat. She was admitted to the destitute home on 10th August earlier this year.

As per the police records, she was found in a rain shelter near Kasauli on 7th August and the police brought her to the Director of Women and Child Development in Shimla.

“When I asked her whether she was from the Gujarat, she immediately gave a stunning reply, “Zila Gujarat, Pakistan.The lady informed “Main Pakistani hun Hindustani nahin. (I am a Pakastani, not Hindustani)” says Ajai Shrivastva.

Director Women and Child Development official J.R Katwal says he also spoke to that women but she did not tell him about any Pakistan connection but now he would look into it and inquire the matter.



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