Nature Watch India slams wildlife authority to manage leopards



Nature Watch India has slammed the state wild life authority for mismanagement of leopards and failing to follow strand-operating procedure [SOP].

Interacting with media persons, the National Convener of NWI said here today that Tutikandi rescue and rehabilitation centre is not equipped and recognized as centre for keeping animals in confinement and however two leopards and five bears are in captivity for long time.

The female leopard captured from Naryaga from Sirmaur district were kept in Tutikandi Rescue Centre for past three years, and should be sent to the Gopalpur zoo in Kangra or any other zoo recognized as a Centre Zoo Authority as per the National Tiger Conservation Authority guidelines [SOP].

He said that recently captured leopard from near IGMC Shimla be immediately released in wild or sanctuary or suitable forest. He said that all healthy black bears be released or sent to the authorized zoo’s. He also said that a permanent ”Quick Response Team” be trained and constituted by the wild life department and be maintained twenty-four seven to monitor and address problems of animals and their rescue.

He said that the mass public education and awareness program on wild animals, behavior in particular leopards, bears and monkeys, human response and the cultivation of an attitude for peaceful co-existence should be initiated by the state forest and public relation department.

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