Article 39A of the constitution ensure provision of legal awareness



Article 39 A of Indian Constitution the State is bound to provide legal aid, by enacting schemes and regulations, this was stated by Chief Justice of Mr. Mansoor Ahmad Mir while delivering inaugural address in the state meeting of Para Legal Volunteers and Conference on Mediation at high court complex here today.

Chief Justice said that emphasis was being given to , ensue opportunities for securing justice, which is not to be denied only for the reason of economic or other disabilities. Mediation is one of the mechanisms of alternative dispute resolution in which a mediator using proper techniques assist two or more parties to resolve their disputes. It not only saves time but also strengthens their relations as well.

He also said that various recognized alternative dispute resolution mechanisms are available but settlement through mediation is one of the best ways to resolve the disputes of parties once for all. In addition to this, mediation ensures confidentiality as proceedings before mediators are confidential and are not disclosed to any person.

He also mentioned that 6268 Para Legal Volunteers and 1429 Retainer Lawyers have been identified to man the Village Legal Care and support centers. 2628 Village Legal Care and Support Centers have been set up in Gram Panchayats, which are being manned by trained Para Legal Volunteers and Retainer Lawyers who sit in the concerned Panchayat Bhawans on every Tuesday from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Legal Aid clinics in Central Jail/District Jail/Sub Jail have been made functional.


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