Legislator seeks probe for fudging smart city data


By:Mohan Lal Verma

Shimla Legislator Mr. Suresh Bhardwaj has demanded a CBI probe into fudging of data by the Urban Development Minister Sudhir Sharma for winning a smart city status for Dharashala which was otherwise scoring only 24.5 points on the scale of 13 parameters set for qualifying by the centre government.

“While preparing the report for selecting smart city in the state, false data was presented by the state government, cooking the figures at the behest of the Urban Minister Sudhir Sharma. On the parameters set by centre government Dharamshala could score only 24.5 points that was way behind 85 scored by capital city Shimla. But the Urban minister behaved like Dharamshala MLA instead of Minister of the entire state and cooked figure by manipulations and frauds, giving Dharamshala 87.5 points” said Shimla MLA Suresh Bhardwaj here.

Bhardwaj met the State Governor Acahrya Devvrat with twelve BJP councilors presenting a memorandum demanding a CBI probe into the fraud committed by state government in outdoing Shimla in the smart city status. Even the Municipal Corporation Shimla was not taken into confidence while deciding all this. The Urban Minister sent the report to the centre on 29th July just two days before the MC Shimla house discussed the matter for city capital, added Suresh Bhardwaj.

He also said that the centre government’s believing in the federal system had asked the state government to select the smart city on the basis of the 13 parameters set for the qualification which were defrauded by the state government.

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