150 offences of environment violations in Himachal Pradesh


By:Mohan Lal Verma

Himachal Pradesh has reported 150 offences of environment violations in 2014 standing at 4th position in the country. The information was revealed recently by a released report of National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB).

“These violations include offences under Forest Act 1927, Wild life Protection Act, 1972 and environmental (protection) Act 1986. Out of the total 150 cases 134 offences were under forest act 1927, 15 under wildlife protection and only one case was reported under environment protection Act in Himachal Pradesh” says the report.

The state reported no offence under the air, water pollution control act. For these violations, 238 persons including two women were arrested In Himachal. 217 persons were arrested for violations under Forest Act 1927, 19 under Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and two were arrested for offence under Environmental (protection) Act 1986.

Rajasthan tops the list with 2927 environmental violations, which constitutes 50% of total offences followed by Uttar Pradesh with 1597. In northern region Uttarakhand recorded 40 environmental offences, Haryana 21, while Jammu Kashmir and Punjab recorded 8 and six violations respectively. Highest arrests were made in Rajasthan 3320 and Uttar Pradesh in which a total of 8765 person were arrested for environmental offenses in India.

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