Senior BJP leader cautions Hardik Patel’s reservation agitation



Former union minister and senior BJP leader, Shanta Kumar, has said that the agitation started in Gujarat by Hardik Patel for reservation has cautioned the leaders of all parties that this agitation should not be taken as an agitation of a single state, but a beginning of a ‘national political catastrophe’ which could pose the big threat to the Indian polity and the centuries old inter-community social fabric.

The drawing of huge crowds is a dangerous signals for the country, which is currently struggling to become a world power. He lamented that it is quiet surprising that even the most prosperous Patel community of Gujarat that is holding the highest positions in politics, business and services are agitating for reservations.

He said that at present the Chief Minister, seven MP’s and 30% MLA’s are from the Patel community in Gujarat. In USA and European countries the richest persons are Patels and they are also the owners of big 5-star hotels.

“In sharp contrast of envious affluence and prosperity of Patel community of Gujarat the converging of thousands of Gujarati youths on roads are crying and shouting for reservation and that should not be viewed as an ordinary event” warned Shanta Kumar.

Many other rich communities have been launching violent agitations across the country without merit in their demands and thereby damaging the social fabric of the country and creating chaos and retarding the pace of development, he bemoaned.

Shanta Kumar said the stark reality, however is that the poverty and unemployment is also rampant in other so-called high cast communities like Rajputs, Brahmins, Banias and others. Therefore, it could not be ruled out that if a prosperous Patel community could come on the roads to agitate for reservations, why the left over casts would sit quietly and not follow them.

He also said that the population explosion had assumed alarming proportions and the population of the country was yearly increasing equal to that of Australia while the electronic media was presenting to our youths a lavish and rosy life-style and the creamy layer among the reserved classes were enjoying all the benefits of reservations.

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