BJP demands Vice-Chancellor’s dismissal


By:Mohan Lal Verma

Opposition -Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) on Monday demanded to oust Himachal Pradesh University’s (HPU) Vice chancellor ADN Bajpai as it alleged that the administrative base of the University is completely in a mess.

“Due to the present Vice Chancellor’s frequent visits outside the state, the administrative system in the University is completely in a mess and the government should appoint regular Vice Chancellor in his place” as quoted by Satpal Singh Satti, the BJP state President. BJP also criticized HPU for rejecting the appointment on alleged ‘political consideration’, done by previous BJP government.

He said in 2012, interviews were conducted by previous the BJP government and the case is still pending in the High court. These were the similar ground on which HPU executive council has rejected previous interviews, and now new interviews are scheduled which are not fulfilling the spirit of natural justice.

“HPU has submitted an affidavit in the High Court stating that the parameters for interviews in 2012 were not up to the mark while this time, HPU has advertised posts on the same parameters. Along with that HPU is adopting dual yardstick for appointments to please people with political clout” as added by Satpal Singh Satti. He also said when a similar case of appointment is in the High Court, then why is HPU in a hurry to conduct interviews on the same patron.

Satti also castigated HPU’s Vice-Chancellor and the state government for implementing Rashtriya Uchtar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA). He also said that RUSA system is injustice with the student community as the student’s studying in third semester are stills waiting for results of first and second one. He said neither the Vice Chancellor nor the government is listening to the grievances of students. He also blamed the Vice-Chancellor for a fee hike as the government increased fee on his recommendation and the fee hike is a major issue which both government and HPU are not ready to listen about.

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