Suspicious cited in Chamba district, administration sounds alert



The Chamba administration today sounded alert in the border areas of the district as locals have seen some suspicious persons this morning and the news was confirmed to Himvani by a senior police officer.

Mr. S.K. Chaudhary, SP Chamba told Himvani that they have received information from the locals who have spotted some suspicious persons in buses running along Surgani area of Chamba district.The administration has ordered local CID unit to get more inputs, information and identity of suspicious persons in the area.

Some women who were traveling in a private bus at Surgani along the borders of Chamba and Jammu and Kashmir informed the police that few suspicious were seen by them in the bus. There are reports that Surgani’s government senior secondary school students have also given similar inputs and the principal has declared holiday in the school but however Mr. Chaudhary has not confirmed the news.

State police has already beefed up security in the key installation after terrorist attack at Dinanagar police station at Gurdaspur district of Punjab recently. This hill state has already witnessed a terror attack in the border areas of Chamba district as militants had fired down 35 workers at Sakrindi village in 1998. The locals have been complaining presence of militants in Chamba district in the past as many areas here fall along the militancy-infested Jammu and Kashmir.

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