With one more death toll of Scrub Typhus goes up to four



With one more death at Indra Gandhi Medical College Hospital today, death toll of Scrub Typhus goes up to four as 96 patients have been registered for this deadly disease.TTalking to Himvani, the Senior Superintendent Mr. Ramesh Chand said that four new cases of Scrub Typhus poured in today and one 47 yrs old female patient succumbed to it in the IGMC.

Mr. Chand also said that patients are mostly coming from rural backgrounds as women who go to take grass in the green pasture and grass land become its victim during the rainy season.

He said that soon after the on set of monsoon, the number of Scrub Typhus has suddenly increased in the hill state as this viral disease spreads from a bug present in the fields. Every year more than 30 patients die and more than four hundreds tested for this viral disease this year after they complained of headache, sweating fever and cold.

The health department also conducted awareness derive in the state to control the disease as it is taking a heavy toll of life and affecting health of people in the state but the disease is curable in the advance


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