Books authored by Pavan Choudary, unveils at state capital



Renowned author and Himachal Pradesh University alumni, Mr. Pavan Choudary today unveiled two books authored by him in the state capital.

The books are  ‘Swachh Bharat Checklist’ and ‘How a Good Person can Really Win’. Kiran Bedi is also a co-author for ‘Swachh Bharat Checklist’ book. The books are published by Wisdom Village Publications and are available in some of the leading bookstores of India.

Speaking during occasion, Mr. Choudary said that ‘Swachh Bharat Checklist’is a sequel to his earlier work Broom & Groom (2010) on hygiene and manners. It was aimed to promote awareness on cleanliness and also it would give checklists to make the Swachh Bharat visions materialize.

“In fact the book is a step by step guide to cleaning homes, colonies, parks, schools, institutes, offices, restaurants, shopping areas, bus stands, railway stations and roads and the tips would really help to shine our country’s every nook and corner” the author remarked.

On commenting on his second book he said that the book would help a good person in understanding why he loses and how he could win.The author also said that there were are main reasons for a good person to loose and these are he does not really comprehend on how an immoral man would think, and secondly he lacks battle skills and did not know how to fight back. And lastly he is often egoistic about his honesty, whereas the immoral man would subjugate his ego to greed and teams up with others.

This book would prepare a good person towards comprehending evil moves, executing powerful antidotes and converting his virtues into competitive tools and building powerful collaborations with men like him and win decisively, added Mr. Choudary.

Publisher Anu Anand of Wisdom Village said that we were proud to bring two path breaking books. Meanwhile Mr. Choudary’s other authored books are; ‘When you are Sinking, become a Submarine, Machiavelli for Moral People, A Trilogy of Wisdom (on Chanakya, Confucius and Kabir), Lal Bahadur Shastri: Lessons in Leadership and The Rx Factor.

Mr. Choudary is also the MD of Vygon, a leading French Multinational and a Chairman of CII – Medical Devices and Chairman, European Business Group, Healthcare. He also hosts Nation Building TV program, Hum Aise Kyun Hain on Doordarshan and writes columns and newspapers.

He is also a regular speaker at National Police Academy, Hyderabad, Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie , IIMs, Singapore Management University, Singapore, Sydney Technical University and other leading institutes of the world. He sits on some of the most respected advisory boards of India and is a much sort after Management Strategist.

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