Theory of Relativity: Sharma stresses critically analysis of Einstein’s work


    By:Mohan Lal Verma

    Research works of the legend Albert Einstein requires in-depth critical analysis as peer review of work did not take place since its first publication in Editors of German journal Annalen der Physik .

    Assistant Director State Education, Mr. Ajay Sharma who presented a paper in conference ‘The Physical Interpretation of Relativity’, held at Bauman Moscow State Technical University recently, stated this.

    Interacting in XIIth International conference on Gravitation, Astrophysics and Cosmology at People Friendship University of Russia, in Moscow, Mr. Sharma said that his work exploring gaps in classic text version of renowned scientist have been published in various conferences, reports and couple of books.

    There is clear-cut proof for this as number of scientific journals and a book “Beyond Einstein” (written by Mr. Sharma) was upheld by scientists time and again. He pointed out that age of information and prevalence of Internet has changed the world diasporas’ making it easier to access publication as they could be downloaded in any part of world. Mr. Sharma pointed out that Einstein initially derived Light Energy mass equation L =mc2 (L light energy emitted, m is reduced or annihilated and c is speed of light i.e. 3x108m/s).

    Pointing various holes in Einstein mass energy equation Mr. Sharma said that one could not assume two waves having equal energy level, as it can also be unequal. He also says that there are few more cases Einstein took arbitrarily neglecting other possibilities.

    He said that handpicked conditions made Einstein to derive E =mc2 equation, however he had wrongly jumped to conclude that this equation is true for other forms of energy E (sound energy, heat energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, magnetic energy etc).

    Mr. Sharma said that he has given new generalized equation dE=Ac2dm which could be true to explain intricate of nuclear, astrophysics, cosmology etc. He is an author of two innovative books Beyond Newton and Archimedes , and Beyond Einstein and E=mc2.

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