Bring apple out of WTO regime and declare it a special product demands Mr. J.P Nadda


To bring Apple out of the framework of World Trade Organization regime (to which India is one of signatory) Union Health and Family Welfare minister Mr. J.P Nadda today demanded to declare it a special category product.

Mr. J.P Nadda who met with Union Minister of State for Commerce Ms Nirmala Sitaraman at New Delhi demanded that apple growers of North Indian states including Himachal are facing onslaught of Chinese apples due to low import duty thereby ruining the economy of hill state by adversely impacting interest of apple growers here.

He demanded that farmers should be protected from uncompetitive milieu after imposing a heavy tariff on apples imported and after which it should be declared a special category product.

Union Minister also said that agriculture based hill economy is dependent upon the apple market that contributes about 6% of state’s GDP or Rupees 2500 crore annually to the state as it is a source of livelihood to about half of rural population across six hill districts of the state.

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