Speaker denies of removing Dr. Y.S Parmar’s nameplate


By: Himvani

Himachal Pradesh Assembly Speaker, Mr. Brij Behari Lal Butail today denied the incident of removing of Dr. Y.S. Parmar’s nameplate from the Vidhan Sabha Library, there by lodging a probe to find out the fact.

Briefing media persons at his chamber in Vidhan Sabha complex here today Mr Butail said that the matter is being blown out of proportion in some vernaculars and implicating in-charge of E-Vidhan project Mr. Dharmesh Sharma in this matter unnecessary. It seems that E-Vidhan Sabha project is envy to someone who may have hatched this conspiracy and Vidhan Sabha CCTV footage is being scanned after instituting internal probe to reveal the truth.

Huge name plate, dedicating this landmark building to first Chief Minister and founder of Himachal Pradesh, Dr. Y.S. Parmar was found missing from its original place. He said that the incident happened during Digital India launching function which was organized by the state government in the Library on 2nd July, 2015 and a broken name plate was found near to its original place on the ground.

He assured that efforts are being done to restore the nameplate in its original place however incident is unfortunate and shocking to the Vidhan Sabha secretariat.

Dragging of Mr. Dharmesh Sharma into this controversy and blaming him and his team for this act is a blunder as however the nameplate might have fall down during decoration of this building for the event. Mr. Sharma who attended this event and gave ten minutes deliberation on the topic of IT is being blamed in the media and responsible for the act. The incident is unfortunate and un avoidable however E-vidhan Sabha project is a landmark in the history of legislature that might have been deliberately by some vested element who may have envy this project.

The state assembly is a pioneer in the sense that many other legislative assemblies want to emulate it as they have praised this hill state for innovation and its success, Mr. Butail said whose dream project has been demeaned by the controversy with expressing anguish over the development.

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