Modi government provides two lakh crores for social security schemes



Lashing out opposition Congress and its Chief Minister for blaming one year old Mr. Nerandra Kumar Modi’s government for cutting central components for social security scheme, state party in chrage of Bharatiaya Janata Party Mr. Shrikant said that it has directly provided Rs 20,0000 crores to the state under 14th finance commission.

BJP leader who was here to attend state and district party unit meeting after taking over charge of state in-charge blamed Congress for making false incrustation of the central government for cutting the central components for state security welfare schemes.

Modi government is in support of giving more powers to the state under federal structures as state has been given hike in the 20th financial commission after hiking state’s share in the central taxes from 31 percent to 41 percent under 14th finance commission. The state of Himachal Pradesh ruled by Congress government was given 225 per cent hike in the state allocation under 14th finance commission and the state would get Rupees 40,125 crore for next five years.

He said that this state was given Industrial package by last regime of NDA led by Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee however the economic package was withdrawn by the last UPA government depriving the hill state from its due share for industrial development and creating employment.


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