Stokes urges growers to use prescribed standards for apple packing



Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Minister Ms. Vidya Stokes has urged the fruit growers are free to use any type of carton boxes for the marketing of their produce in the coming apple season however they should use prescribed standards for apple packaging.

In a press statement issued here today Ms. stoke who is herself a prominent apple orchardist of the state said that they should not pack apples boxes of above capacity so that quality of fruits could be maintained and get remunerative prices for their produce. Meanwhile horticulture department and APMC had made arrangements for smooth functioning of the forth-coming apple season.

State administration has decided to provide 228.96 metric tons pesticides amounting to Rupees 11.91 crores for the season.  It would also release the 89.95 metric tons plant protection medicines amounting to Rupees 3.96 crores through various centers in the State.

Directions have been issued to effectively enforcer prescribe norms and standards for packaging in the season.  Extra large apple box should not be allowed to pack above 24 kg in four rows treys for large, five layers for medium. It has also fixed average weight of extra large at 250 grams, 200 grams for large, 160 for medium, 133 for small and 116 gram for extra small per apple and the weight of half box standard should not exceed 12 kg in the two rows

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