Strengthen Panchayati Raj Institutions says Vice President



Vice President of India Mr. Hamid Ansari today said that the country needs to strengthen the Panchayat Raj Institutions through the 73rd Constitutional Amendment.

Addressing 22nd convocation of Himachal Pradesh University Mr Ansari also said that Panchayati Raj Institutions are an instrument for initiative and action on the 29 subjects mentioned in the Eleventh Schedule. He said that such bodies should be given power to resolve the issue relating to environmental management.

He said “rural civic bodies could enhance public participation in decision-making on these matters at the local levels and also enhance the quality and implementation of decisions. Government of India has mainstreamed disaster risk reduction in its development policies at all levels, and has earmarked 10 percent of development funds towards innovation, disaster mitigation and restoration”.

It has now become apparent that approaches to sustainability governance based merely on economic values are insufficient and partly the cause of unsustainable development. There is a clear need to go beyond GDP and market values when measuring development. Human well-being and quality of life are important additional values and are considerations of ecosystem services and the non-anthropocentric values of other living beings.

We must hold fast to Gandhiji’s assertion that “true economics stands for social justice; it promotes the good of all equally, including the weakest and is indispensable for decent life”.

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