Vice President goes down the memory lane at St.Edwards school



Vice-President M. Hamid Ansari on Monday went down the memory line as he visited his childhood scholl St. Edwards in the hill town. He arrived in Shimla this morning for his three days official visit.

On his first day of schedule after arriving here he drove straight to St. Edward’s school, where he was a student from 1949 to 1951. His wife Salma Ansari also accompanied him.

On his first reaction he said, “I feel very good and it is very difficult to recall old memories and narrate them. As my vehicle entered, I saw the Ccicket ground that got back so many good memories.

Mr. Ansari studied here from standard VI and VII and as per the school record he was good at athletics and hockey.

He also addressed the students of St. Edward School later and shared his childhood memories with them. Mr. Ansari said that things that happen during childhood could not be forgotten and it remain alive through out the life.

Taking dig over the relevance of reservation in education and services Mr. Ansari pointed out that it is still helping the poor to progress forward however there is no need of reservation for those who are already rich as they can afford everything without it.

Showing concern over privatization of Education, Mr.Ansari said that 60% of educational institutions are today controlled by private sector which shows that government could not cater the increasing demand of education in the public sector alone.

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