I belong to Himachal Pradesh and not anywhere else says Kangna Ranaut



    National and film fare award winner and cine star Ms. Kangna Ranaut said today that she has never tried to hide her identity.

    Giving a television interview to NDTV India this morning Ms. Ranaut who has been declared as the brand ambassador of Himahcal Pradesh Tourism said that she is proud to be hailing from Himachal Pradesh.

    It is worthwhile to mention here that Ms Ranaut belongs to a small town of Bhambla in  Sarkaghat sub divison of Mandi. She made her debut in 2006 in the movie ‘Gangster’ for which she got national award.

    Her grandfather late Mr. Sarju Singh has been a member of Himachal Legislative Assembly during Dr. Y.S. Parmar government from Sarkaghat assembly segment.

    She also confessed that she came to Mumbai with Rupees 1500 in her pocket from Chandigarh. However she managed to sustain with small roll and few assignments and considers herself lucky that she has successful in making her presence in the film industry.

    ” As a Hindu I have birth chart (Horoscope), that predicts that I would become some reputed officer of higher rank but my desire and zeal for this profession gave me more than my birth chart and this unexpected rise in the industry is more than my fortune. I don’t believe in gossips and do not use twitter and readily read newspaper but I enjoy good rapport with all camps in the industry and a number of girls including Priyanka Chopra are close to me” added Kangna Ranaut.


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