Bali bents upon to launch pro-employment drive e against own rule



Himachal Pradesh Transport Minister Mr. G.S. Bali who was waging a silent protest against Mr. Virbhadra Singh’s government has refused to withdraw call of pro-employment drive against its own rule from May 27 onward.

Speaking about his next course of action on his earlier call of anti-government protest in support of employment Mr. Bali said, “that he has not taken back his call and it would be lodged at any cost. Jahan tek Rojgar yatra ka sawal hai voh to ho kar rehi gi”.

Chief Minister and Mr. Bali are reportedly have withdrawn the sword against each others as Mr. Bali employed more than 800 part time bus conductors as per skill development scheme but their services have to withdrawn following moving of a writ petition in the high court against the alleged recruitment.

Transport Ministers has given the call of Rojgar Yatra after the high court dismissed the appointment of skill development conductors terming them illegal. Minister had been skipping last cabinet meetings over the difference on appointments with Chief minister.

Transport Minister said that state government announced to add 800 new buses to HRTC fleet out of which 500 is already in the transport and rest are to be added soon. He however alleged that due to shortage of staff most of these buses could not be utilized in the HRTC.

Mr. Bali has blamed the state government for insensitive on the issue of employment. Addressing hurriedly convened press conference Mr. Bali said that high powered penal constituted into Mahatama Gandhi School Uniform scam is free to lodge FIR against the supplier. The penal has already slapped a penalty of more than Rupees 3.45 crore for failing samples of uniforms issued to students of state owned school.

Replying to media query about this matter he replied that concerned officers could file FIR into the proven as state has constituted a panel to check the quality of uniform. Denying any rift with the Chief Minister Mr. Bali said that he is a minister in Virbhadra Singh’s cabinet and he enjoys a cordial relationship with him.

Opposition BJP, CPI(M) and AAP were also accusing Mr. Singh’s government for deceiving youth on the name of employment allowance which was latter converted into skill development allowance.

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