AAP shows door to two office bearers



Two day state action committee meeting of Aam Adami Party ended at Kalibari hall here yesterday witnessed ugly scene as two of its former party office bearers were shown the door during the meeting.

Mr. R. S. Negi and Mr. Prabhava Vashishattha who were present in Kalibari hall on May 12, 2015 were asked by the party leaders to leave the hall even before the meeting could converge.

Duo reportedly refused to move out showing their innocence stating that they did not get any notice of anti party activity or breaking party discipline. However no one paid heed to their excuse but when two did not leave the venue they were forced to show the door.

On the end of meeting yesterday party observer Mr. Haresh Kalara confirmed the incident. He justified the action stating that both had been removed from the party meeting after issuing notices in September 2014. Mr Kalara who was central observer in the meeting stated that two were involved in anti-party activity and had not responded to the notice.

“Duo had been expelled from the party for breaking its discipline and Mr Negi, one of them had been found to forge a document after singing it himself on behalf of Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.” party central leader alleged.

AAP party frontal in-charge Mr. Khem Chand Jagirdar who was also present in the press conference along with state convener and former BJP rebal Mr. Rajan Sushant did not spare media blaming it for blowing such petty issue and controversies out of proportion.

Some Television channels have shown a clippings about Mr. Sanjay Singh frivolously accusing him on unfounded allegations similarly Mr. Kumar Bishwas has also been blamed by media on the alleged complaint of own party supporter without taking view of either of them.


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