Congress may face inauspicious days says BJP


By:Mohan Lal Verma

Forecasting immediate future of two and half years old Mr. Virbhadra Singh’s rule, opposition BJP today warned that the party should be ready to face the turmoil, interestingly saffron party can foresee black shadow of twin challenge of political unrest and inauspicious signs of horoscopic numerology.

Making this aspersion on Mr. Singh, party state spokesman Mr. Ganesh Dutt alleged that Transport Minister Mr. G.S. Bali after lodging complaint of Chief Minister Ms. Sonia Gandhi,has now announced to launch protest against his own government abruptly failing to sort burning issue of unemployment .

Charging Congress for taking a U-turn on the election promise of providing employment allowance to educated unemployed, BJP said that as its own minister was accusing government for the same as the latter is in affix on the issue.

Lashing out Mr. Singh rule for remaining failing to maintain most potholed roads in the state, Mr. Dutt said that despite making helicopter visits to various parts, Mr. Singh is not familiar with the worst road conditions.

“There seems to be a complete mess inside incumbent rule as officers were being threatened to face dire consequence of demotion by Chief Minster as they have ordered to restore shambled roads in short notice of one week” the party spokesman alleged.

Complete anarchy is prevailed in the various ranks and files of state machinery as neither ministers nor officers are taking their responsibility as government has no accountability at all, BJP leader alleged.

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